G-Rollz Booklet King Size Rolling Papers with Tips

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G-Rollz Booklet King Size Rolling Papers with Tips

Product Description


  • G-Rollz papers, crafted in France, showcase meticulous attention to detail for an elevated rolling experience.
  • Made from finely pressed organic green hemp fibers, ensuring a natural and sustainable choice for conscientious smokers.
  • The all-natural gumline, derived from acacia tree sap, contributes to a clean and pure rolling experience.
  • Every element, from organic hemp fibers to acacia tree sap, is natural, promising a rolling experience free from additives or chemicals.
  • G-Rollz papers embrace sustainability with organic hemp, reflecting a commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Immerse yourself in the pure essence of rolling with G-Rollz, where French craftsmanship meets natural ingredients for an unparalleled smoking experience.


Reggae Dog – Green Hemp,Rap Dog – Unbleached Extra Thin,Rude Copper – Unbleached Extra Thin,Torch Boy – Unbleached Extra Thin,Colossal Dream – Unbleached Extra Thin,Teen – Lightly Dyed Blue,Cop on Cop – Lightly Dyed Blue,Thug For Life – Lightly Dyed Pink,Lowrider – Lightly Dyed Pink,Colossal Dream – Lightly Dyed Pink,Sun Flowers – Bamboo Unbleached,Sofa – Unbleached Extra Thin

Package Contains

1x G-Rollz Booklet King Size Rolling Papers with Tips

Additional information


Reggae Dog – Green Hemp, Rap Dog – Unbleached Extra Thin, Rude Copper – Unbleached Extra Thin, Torch Boy – Unbleached Extra Thin, Colossal Dream – Unbleached Extra Thin, Teen – Lightly Dyed Blue, Cop on Cop – Lightly Dyed Blue, Thug For Life – Lightly Dyed Pink, Lowrider – Lightly Dyed Pink, Colossal Dream – Lightly Dyed Pink, Sun Flowers – Bamboo Unbleached, Sofa – Unbleached Extra Thin


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