PAX Mini Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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PAX Mini Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Product Description Specification

  • This device is perfect for discreet, portable sessions. At 3 inches tall, this platinum-colored device is designed for puffing dry herbs and presents 2+ battery life
  • The Mini includes a 3D oven screen for a spotless tool and a single-button operation with no settings to change

Flavors Platinum,Onyx Package Contains 1x PAX Mini Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

PAX Mini Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

You slip your hand into your pocket, not for your keys, but for a discreet revolution. A pocket-sized portal to flavor and freedom, ready to take you to a world of herbal euphoria at your command. Smaller than a credit card, you can easily handle your PAX Mini Portable Vaporizer in your palm, a sleek silhouette whispering promises of pure, potent flavor.

The PAX Mini Vaporizer speaks a language of single-touch simplicity. One press, and it springs to life in 22 seconds. Choose your temple of taste from four temperature settings, each revealing a new facet of your herbal journey. The PAX Mini Vaporizer cradles your herbs in a medical-grade stainless steel embrace, extracting their essence with a conduction kiss. No combustion, just clean, flavorful vapor dancing on your tongue, a symphony of terpenes and pure delight.

Features of PAX Mini Vaporizer:

Explore the divine features of PAX Mini Flower Vaporizer and check why it is the right fit for you according to your daily style needs:

Pocket-Perfect Portability:

PAX Mini Vaporizer keeps your sessions enticing with its minimalist design and minimal odor. Due to its small size and weighs approx 70 grams, it can adjust in your pocket and purse easily making it your perfect travel companion.

Flavorful First Bites:

The PAX Mini Vaporizer is made with an efficient mechanism that extracts the essence of your herbs. Allowing users to enjoy a pure and flavorful vape experience. The vape is manufactured with high-grade medical stainless steel and food-grade silicone ensuring a clean and safe experience.

Control at Your Fingertips:

A single button controls everything in the PAX Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer. Whether you want to control temperature or turn it on or off a single button is there to help you out. So, no need to confuse yourself with multiple buttons, just intuitive breath-activated heating and enjoy your puff sessions.

LED indicator:

Stay informed about battery life and heating status with 4 LED indicators. The PAX Mini Dry Portable Vaporizer easily heats up in just 22 seconds – no waiting around for your first puff any longer.

Smart Design for easy cleaning:

Snaps on and off easily, minimizing fumbling and frustration. The oven lid and screen in PAX Mini Vaporizer are readily removable allowing you for effortless cleaning.

Long-lasting battery:

The PAX Mini Flower Vaporizer comes with a Type-C charging port making it easy for your daily use. Now you can enjoy up to 5 sessions per charge and explore the world of your favorite flavor.

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Platinum, Onyx


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