Puffco Plus Vaporizer

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Puffco Plus Vaporizer

Product Description


  • Built-in Carb Cap, Loading Tool, Splashguard Mouthpiece
  • Coil-Less Creamic Bowl
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Sesh-mode Functionality



Package Contains

1x Puffco Plus Vaporizer

Puffco Plus Vaporizer The Best Concentrate Experience

Choose puffco plus vaporizer for its Award-Winning Design. Backed by quality assurance ensuring your satisfaction. Your gateway to the world of concentrates.

The puffco plus vaporizer is where it all begins – an upgrade on a portable dab pen to make enjoying concentrates easier than ever. A dab pen, often called an extract pen or concentrate pen, is used for inhaling cannabis concentrates through small portable and discrete vaporizers that heat them before producing a vapor that can be inhaled through inhalers like puffco plus dab pen for an easy, discreet, flavorful experience.

Mostly dab pens are consisted of three components:

  •  battery
  • chamber with a heating element 
  • mouthpiece

Features in Detail

  • Built-in Features
    • Carb Cap: Enhances vaporization and flavor control.
    • Loading Tool: The extendable Dart connects directly to the ceramic chamber for mess-free loading.
    • Splashguard Mouthpiece: Keeps your sessions clean and enjoyable.
  • Coil-Less Ceramic Bowl
    • Premium materials with zero fibers, glues, or coils in the air path.
    • Enjoy clean vapor that’s full of flavor—nothing else.
  • Heat Settings
    • Choose from three precision heat settings: Low, Medium, and High.
    • Standard hold-to-heat for convenience.
    • Activate Sesh Mode with a double click for a 12-second heat cycle.
  • 510 Battery
    • One battery, many modes.
    • Long-lasting battery life for extended sessions.
    • Keep your concentration experience consistent and enjoyable.
  • The Dart:
    • Contained within the Plus mouthpiece.
    • The extendable Dart connects directly to the chamber.
    • Improved airflow for better vaporization.
    • Loading becomes simple and mess-free.
  • The Chamber:
    • Integrated silicone grip.
    • It helps your fingers stay cool when the ceramic chamber heats up.
    • Optimal heat distribution for efficient vaporization.
  • Precision Machined Alloy Housing:
    • Durable and sleek design.
    • Built to withstand daily use and travel.
  • Fingerprint Resistant Coating:
    • Keep your Puffco Plus looking pristine.
    • No streaks or marks to distract from your concentrate enjoyment.

The Puffco Way: Elevating the Concentrate Experience

  • A platform for the Plant: Puffco products are more than devices; they’re a platform for the plant to shine. They make the magic of concentrates accessible to everyone.
  • Elegance and Simplicity: We strive for elegance and simplicity in every aspect. From design to functionality, Puffco delivers a seamless experience.
  • Full Spectrum Experience: Whether it’s discovering flavor nuances in your favorite strains or experiencing new sensations, Puffco enhances the concentrate journey.
  • Toxin-Free: We did away with toxins, ensuring a safer, simpler, and far more flavorful industry standard.

Choose the Right Device For Your Concentrate

Choosing the Right Vaporizer Satisfies Your Vaping Experience!

  • Why Vaporizers?
    • Vaporizers eliminate ash and combustion.
    • Experience a smoother hit compared to traditional smoking methods.
  • Personalization Matters:
    • Consider your specific needs and preferences.
    • Whether it’s portability, flavor, or ease of use, choose a vaporizer that aligns with your lifestyle.

Enhance your concentrate journey with the top-tier technology of puffco plus a portable vaporizer. Here’s why our vaporizers and dab rigs stand out:

  1. Effortless Customizability:
    • The puffco plus pen offers temperature control and other customizable features.
    • Tailor your experience to match your preferences.
  2. Ease of Use:
    • Be easy from not getting complicated setups.
    • Puffco vaporizers and e-rigs are designed for user-friendly operation.
  3. No Glues, Fibers, or Chemicals:
    • Our commitment to purity means no compromises.
    • Enjoy clean, flavorful hits without any unwanted substances.

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