Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable Vape – 3.5G

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Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable Vape – 3.5G

Product Description


  • Capacity: 3500mg (3.5g)
  • Cannabinoid: THC-M // THC-A // THC-P
  • Concentrate: Distillates
  • Operation: Firing-Button Activation
  • USB Type-C
  • < 0.3% Delta-9 THC


Black Diamond,Blackberry Blast,Electric Lemonade,Forbidden Fruit,GG4,Maui Wowie,Passion Fruit Diesel,Purple Punch,Sherbet Queen,Skywalker OG

Package Contains

1x Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable Vape – 3.5G

What we’re about to reveal regarding Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable will probably shock you as Buzzbar brought you the Torch Burnout Blend Black Series, an ultimate game changer in new blends. Delighted with the variety of strains offered in Torch Burnout Blend positively impacts your vaping, and we are also committed to providing a 3.5-gram disposable packed with a powerful punch of mild potent blend comprising THC-M, THC-A and THC-P. Get ready to immerse yourself in the advanced technology, creating a whole new vaping experience.

In terms of convenience, The Torch Burnout Blend disposables have something extraordinary to offer you, such as devices equipped with a pre-heat function and USB-C recharge capability. You can cherish every last drop of this remarkable disposable vape. There are no limitations, and embrace the freedom to enjoy your vaping experience without compromise.

You could not find a single device that satisfied you on every count. But Torch offers to taste ten different strains for the Burnout Blend disposables.

We must admit that Torch Burnout Blend Black Series enrich taste from mixed fruit to strange drinking taste, making it more popular than other THC products.

Having 3.5g blended THC acts so quickly and does not contain other toxic chemicals, which can improve your quality of sleep, relieve chronic pain, and even control multiple sclerosis spasms. And there’s no technical knowledge required to activate it; press one button and enjoy 3.5 blended thc-a disposable vape.

Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable is fully compliant with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, guaranteeing a legitimate and stress-free experience.

Torch Burnout Blend Disposable Vape Main Features

Here’s highlighting the Torch Burnout Blend Disposable vape’s main features that make it worth trying.

– Capacity: 3.5g (3500mg)
– Battery: Integrated Rechargeable
– Cannabinoid: THC-M, THC-A, THC-P
– Concentrate: Burnout Blend
– Heating Element: Ceramic Coil
– Firing: Draw-Activated
– LED Battery Indicator Light
– Chassis Construction: Polycarbonate
– 0.3% Delta-9 THC < 0.3% Delta-9 THC
– No Fillers No Fillers
– Lab Tested Product
– Charging Port: Type-C

10 Different Strains for the Burnout Blend Disposables

Explore the range of 10 strains of naturally hemp-derived terpenes, ensuring a perfect match for every selective palate.

– Biscotti Pancakes – (Indica)
– Blue Dream – (Sativa)
– Cereal Runtz – (Indica)
– Green Crack – (Sativa)
– Jet Fuel – (Sativa)
– Pineapple Express – (Hybrid)
– Pink Starburst – (Hybrid)
– Rainbow Skittlez – (Indica)
– Strawberry Gelato – (Indica)
– Watermelon Diesel – (Sativa)

Buy Now!

Buzzbar, your trusted partner in the vaping industry, is just one click away, so why not shop and let’s once again experience the next level of vaping? Discover the product and order the Torch Burnout Blend from our store—the device offers a perfect combination of cannabinoids that potentially result in significant effects. You must grab this e-cig, a practical alternative if you want to relieve the many frustrations.

Additional information


Black Diamond, Blackberry Blast, Electric Lemonade, Forbidden Fruit, GG4, Maui Wowie, Passion Fruit Diesel, Purple Punch, Sherbet Queen, Skywalker OG

1) Skywalker OG


2) Black Diamond


3) Blackberry Blast


4) Electric Lemonade


5) Forbidden Fruit


6) GG4


7) Maui Wowie


8) Passion Fruit


9) Purple Punch


10) Sherbet Queen



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